Creating a Club or Sports Team

All Allard Law students are members of the ALSS. As a member of the ALSS you are eligible to request ALSS funding for your proposed club, sports team or event. Following the process to set up a club or team is vital for your club to obtain funding. Clubs and teams can be established in September or in January. Ensure that you follow all the steps outlined below carefully. Be particularly mindful of the deadlines associated with funding.

To create a team or club at the start of the year you must apply for funding by September 15, 2017.

The first thing you need to do is read the

Creating your team or club in September:

Step One

Create an idea for a new team, club or event.

Step Two  

If you’re setting up a club, figure out what its purpose is, and then use the template to make sure that you include all the required information. Only clubs need a constitution, not sports teams.

Step Three  

This requires that you evaluate your club or team’s financial needs. If you’re setting up a club, pay particular importance to the information contained within the ALSS Club Orientation Package above. If you don’t need any money, skip this step. Please note that all team, club, or event budget requests are made available to all inquiring ALSS students upon request to the Director of Finance.

Step Four  

This must happen by September 15, 2017.

Step Five  

Again, this must happen by September 15, 2017.

Step Six

The ALSS Finance Committee will review all constitutions and budget requests and develop the Proposed ALSS Budget.

The Budget Process:

The Proposed Budget will be presented at the ALSS Budget Meeting which will take place on September 21. A quorum of ALSS members will then vote to approve the budget on September 22. Any items which require a vote will be decided by secret ballot. All ALSS members (i.e., all Allard students) are encouraged to attend!

Creating your team or club mid-year:

If you missed the September 15 deadline or think of a great club in October… you still may have an opportunity to get set up. Follow all of the steps above. Any Constitutions and Budget Requests submitted after September 15 will be reviewed by the President, the Director of Wellness and the Director of Finance within 14 days of receiving the application. They will make a decision and the Director of Finance will then let you know if your club, team, or event has been approved or rejected. If submitting a late club request, please note that funding for clubs and sports teams mid-year is limited to the funds allocated by the ALSS Finance Committee in September.