Running Your Team or Club


How do I manage the finances for my club or team?

After spending funds less than $250, club members are able to submit a request for reimbursement to the Director of Finance. Please note that the funds must’ve been spent reasonably and in accordance with AMS policies. If not, you won’t get reimbursed.

Before spending funds greater than $250, club members should submit 3 copies of the invoice to the Director of Finance. This invoice will be processed and a cheque will be issued payable directly to the vendor.

If you need to deposit revenue into your club account, club members should submit the cheque or cash directly to a member of the ALSS Executive along with the ALSS Student Deposit Form 2017-2018. Be sure to indicate which club or sports team the funds should be directed to.

Fill out a Club Reimbursement Form When you’re done, send it to the Director of Finance.

Fill out a Club Deposit Form Once complete, send it to the Director of Finance.

How do I plan an event for my club or team?

You have your team or club set up. Now plan something for it to do!

Step One  

First, check the ALSS Calendar for any conflicting events. Try to find a date and time that does not conflict with other groups. It’s simply good etiquette.

Step Two  

The reception desk at Allard Hall does all room bookings. Make sure that your club or team event has a place to happen. You can also inquire about booking a space for your club’s meetings.

Step Three  

Once the date and place for your event are set, email Kendal, the Director of Communications, to have your event added to the ALSS Calendar. This is an oft-overlooked yet vital step as here are often multiple events happening each week at Allard Hall.

Step Four  

Read these carefully. Understand the process. If you don’t comply with the rules, you can’t get reimbursed for the cost of your event.

How do I promote my team, club or event?

You’ve set up your club and you’ve planned an event. Now is the time to let other students know what’s happening.

The ALSS Newsflash goes out once a week. It’s full of information about what’s happening around Allard Hall. If you’d like to include your event, the person to contact is Kendal, the Director of Communications. Send her all the details you can, including the date, time and place of your event along with a brief description of what will take place. You must get your information  to her by the Saturday before the week in which you want your event promoted. Please place “ALSS Newsflash entry” in the subject line.