Sports & Clubs

The Allard Law Students’ Society is the primary source of funding for student activities at Allard Law. We are pleased to support and promote approximately fifty intramural sports teams and student clubs. We’re also a sanctioned organization under the University’s Alma Mater Society. If you start a club or sports team, it will be a subsidiary club within the AMS. This means that, among other things, your team will play in the same league as other AMS teams. We’re pleased to support and promote approximately fifty existing intramural sports teams and student clubs. Any questions about clubs or sports teams can be directed to Elise Kohno, Director of Wellness.

Which sports and clubs are available, and how do I sign up?

Attend Clubs Day in September to check out current offerings and sign up if you see one (or more) that you like.

Alternatively, you can take the direct route and contact specific sports and clubs representatives by email.

How do I start a new sports team or club?  

Do you have an awesome idea for a new club? Want to start a new team? You can! There’s an official process with a lot of steps.

But you only have to do this once.

Now that I’ve got my club or team set up, what do I do?

Getting set up is just the start.

Keep your your club awesome. Keep your team playing for years to come. Make sure you get the funding to do both!