ALSS Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson is a representative and intermediary whose role is to investigate students’ complaints regarding other individuals or groups within the law school. The Ombudsperson also organizes the Legal Buddy Program to match first-year students with upper-year students to help them settle in to life at the law school and to share invaluable experience.

All complaints remain CONFIDENTIAL. The Ombudsperson may discuss your complaint with the individual or groups you raise concerns about, but your name will not be disclosed.

Complaints may be brought to the Ombudsperson in respect of:

  • The ALSS, Social Council, Academic Council, or any other student group within the school;
  • The faculty or administration;
  • Discrimination and harassment within the law school;
  • The summer articling and articling process;
  • Academic appeals;
  • Exam schedule conflicts;
  • Grade appeals;
  • Any other matter that Ombudsperson feels that they can assist you with.

It’s the Ombudsperson’s job to help you and to facilitate fair solutions among parties in the law school. Please contact Charlotte Baigent, the Ombudsperson for 2017-2018 by email at to discuss your issue or to set up a meeting.