Equity & Diversity Committee

The Equity & Diversity Committee

Through inquiry, education, respectful dialogue and outreach on issues related to the wide variety of student backgrounds, concerns and lived experiences, the Committee strives to promote its vision among Allard Law students, faculty and administrators. This vision is to create a progressive and holistic learning environment that respects, values, and includes the diverse perspectives that are present in Canadian society. To that end, it devotes considerable focus on the representation of women, LGBTQ+ students, Indigenous people, those who live with a disability and visible minorities within the law school, while remaining live to the voices of other individuals and groups with equity and diversity concerns.

The 2016-2017 Equity & Diversity Committee is made up of:

Alexandra Scott, Director of Indigenous Affairs, and Equity & Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Erin Kotz, Ombudsperson, and Equity & Diversity Committee Co-Chair
Sarah Hannigan, Student Representative
Darrin Mah, Student Representative
Oren Adamson, Student Representative
Catherine Wang, Student Representative
Amir Mirbagheri, Student Representative
Alisa Koebel, Student Representative
Maddy MacDonald, Student Representative
Charleen Sibanda, Student Representative
Sarah Manshreck, Student Representative
Julia Riddle, Student Representative
Matthew Chan, Student Representative
Tracy Simpson, Student Representative
Glen Stratton, Student Representative

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