The Social Council

The Social Council is responsible for the social affairs and non-academic development of all members of the Allard Law student body. It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it. We plan, promote, and run a variety of social events and activities throughout the school year. We assist clubs, sports teams, and student organizations by co-ordinating ALSS services within Allard Hall. Be sure to check the ALSS Events calendar regularly!

The 2017-2018 Social Council is made up of:

Martin Lay, Vice-President of Student Affairs and Social Council Chair
Alexandra Scott, ALSS President*
Mikhail Ilinets, Director of Finance
Maddy MacDonald, Director of Wellness
Kendal Allemekinders, Director of Communications
Julia Thielmann, Director of Indigenous Affairs
Ed Chen, Grad Co-Chair
Mimi Marani, Grad Co-Chair
Charlotte Baigent, Ombudsperson
Kate Braaten, Student Affairs Coordinator
Chelsea Young, Student Affairs Coordinator
Dylan Corbett, 1L Social Council Rep
Emma Hobbs, 1L Social Council Rep
Peter Horemans, 1L Social Council Rep
Julianna Ivanyi, 1L Social Council Rep
Jennifer Nguyen, 1L Social Council Rep
Shaun Quan, 1L Social Council Rep
Alexander Tatti, 1L Social Council Rep
Sean Xu, 1L Social Council Rep


* Ex officio (non-voting) member