1L Elections – Tuesday, September 13

Academic Council (4 positions)
The Academic Council represents your academic interests at the law school and deals will all aspects of student life that touch on academic performance. Representatives sit on Faculty Council and participate in faculty committees regarding matters such as the law school curriculum, tuition, admission, and examinations. Representatives will attend weekly meetings of the Academic Council, will join faculty committees, and will contribute to the discussions and activities that shape the JD program at Allard School of Law. For more information, touch base with Megan at academic@allardlss.com.

Social Council (8 positions)
The Social Council plans, promotes, and runs a variety of social events and activities throughout the school year. Representatives will attend weekly meetings of the Social Council, volunteer at ALSS events throughout the year, and ensure that their small groups are kept up to speed about what’s going on around Allard School of Law.
The 1L representatives will be in charge of planning the annual Semi-Formal, Trike Race, and assisting the Grad Committee, with assistance and support from the rest of the Social Council. This is a fun position, an easy way to get involved, and a great opportunity to meet both students and lawyers. For more information, touch base with Madison at students@allardlss.com.

Careers Committee (4 positions)
The Careers Committee represents the professional interests of ALSS members and assists students in their career planning, in collaboration with the Career Services Office. The Careers Committee also provides a link between the student body and the legal community by hosting several networking events where students can meet lawyers from a variety of different practice areas. Representatives will attend Careers Committee meetings, volunteer for CSO events, plan the “How to Interact with Legal Employers” panel, and communicate networking events and opportunities to their peers. If you have any questions, please contact Robert at rthanson89@gmail.com

Law and Business Society (4 positions)
The Law & Business Society is a student-run organization at Allard School of Law. We are dedicated to helping current law students engage with the leading business law firms in Vancouver, while helping to establish Allard School of Law as a premier business law education destination. Representatives will help firms organize networking events for your colleagues. The time commitment is very manageable, as you will likely only be responsible for one or two events in the school year. Further, most of the firms take charge and just want help getting an RSVP list and getting the word out about the event. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail allardlbs@gmail.com.


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